Non-Tariff Measures

1.       In the implementation of ASEAN single market and production base, elimination of non-tariff barriers is one of the major components.

2.       There is no specific definition for non-tariff barriers in World Trade Organization (WTO). According to the reveal of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), all policy measures other than tariff imposed by the Government are Non Tariff Measures - NTMs.

3.       With regard to NTMs, there are five articles under chapter 4 of ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA).

          (a) Application of Non-Tariff Measures (Article 40)

          (b) Elimination of Quantitative Restrictions (Article 41)

          (c) Elimination of Other Non-Tariff Barriers (Article 42)

          (d) Foreign Exchange Restriction (Article 43)

          (e) Import Licensing Procedures (Article 44)

4.       Accordingly, Myanmar as a member state of ASEAN, she notified the practiced NTMs to the ASEAN secretariat office in 2009. In notifying the NTMs, Myanmar also applied with UNCTAD Coding System which has been used since 2006.

5.       At present, notified NTMs are needed to update to the ASEAN secretariat office. Therefore, each member state is processing the review on NTMs to the ASEAN secretariat office and notified NTMs to WTO and other regional FTAs, new provisions and amendment regulations of domestic measures to be consistent with UNCTAD Classification 2012.

 6.      In the following link, you can learn new available of NTM Database of ASEAN member states-